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Life can often times be tough. Stress levels can run high. Times for relaxing aren’t always high on the priority list of an over-achiever. But the idea behind the 4th of July is to appreciate, indulge in, and be thankful for the freedom that has been afforded to us.

via Flickr Creative Commons - Tom Landretti

via Flickr Creative Commons – Tom Landretti

For over two centuries, men and women have sacrificed greatly so that we can enjoy the fruit of being free. Even longer ago, one man who lived a sinless life died to set us free from our sin. He gave his life, so we could be free and enjoy the fruit of that freedom. So have some fun, take a break, and celebrate with those you love. Kick back with friends and family. Eat good food and drink good drink.

Jesus did just that during his life. In John chapter 2 he was attending a wedding reception and changed water into wine.

In Revelation 19 we see a vision into heaven, where the fellow believers will be enjoying the marriage supper of the lamb. We’ll be eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company with Jesus.

This time with Jesus isn’t filled with gluttony or drunkeness, and neither should your celebration. Enjoying life…the good food; the good drink; the fabulous friends; the loving family; this glorifies God and so should your weekend.

So relax, have a great time with those you love, and enjoy yourself. Glorify Christ in all you do and be thankful for the freedom you have received from him, and for the freedoms that have been handed us by the brave men and women of this great nation.

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