Working With Your Head Up

Enjoying the View on the Way to Success

Attention achievers….Life is more than a mere checklist. I realize that you THINK you understand this, but as a fellow “achiever” and workaholic, progress towards your ultimate goal can push you deeper into the vicious cycle of more.

via Garry Knight @ Flickr Creative Commons

via Garry Knight @ Flickr Creative Commons

It was 5:00am, which is the time I’ve set aside for working out. I had already been up an hour doing a routine that helps get me mentally and spiritually ready for the day. Now it was the time to get aligned physically.

I know it’s crazy to think about starting your day at 4:00am, but I’ve realized with a large family of young kids that the only time I can find for myself is during those early hours when the rest of the house is asleep.

One of my goals has been to start taking better care of myself. I’ve finally realized that if I don’t fill my own mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical buckets of life, I will have no reserves to be able to pour into other throughout the day. That’s why I’ve purposed to make myself a priority.

So there I was, dressed in sweats, a hoodie, a coat, and earbuds cranking out a great podcast. I was in the zone. My timer was set to go off at just the right moment when I could head back inside and finish my morning routine.

I’ve learned the signs of resistance over the years like fatigue and being uncomfortable. I was a bit distracted by my drowsiness since I hadn’t gotten to bed on time the night before. It was 20° and all I could think about was my nice warm bed and that extra couple of hours of sleep I was missing. I immediately recognized my typical self-sabotaging thoughts and decided the best thing to do was to just force myself past this stage.

I put my head down and watched as my feet took step after step. After all, it’s the only view I had given that the sun had not even risen. The night was completely black, or so I thought.

It was by chance that I happened to glance up after about 15 minutes into my walk. The half moon was lighting up the entire valley where I lived. The sky was filled with what seemed to be a million bright stars. And the only noises that could be heard were the beagles who were barking at the silhouette of a man walking up and down the driveway (yours truly).

It was in this simple moment that I realized I had become entirely too focused on the mission – exercise. I had almost missed the most beautiful part of achieving my goal…the journey.

Goals are meaningful because of the end result, but they are achievable because you learn to love the process.

The next day wasn’t as much of a struggle because I remembered the tranquil moment of seeing the night come alive while I was working on my goal. It’s through the journey that goals become worthy of pursuit.

The process is what makes you into who you really are. It is the experience, the struggle, the beauty, that makes your goal worthy of achievement.

You won’t be happy at the destination if you can’t be happy on the journey.

Do you really believe that this year will be your best year ever? I do.

Do you know of others who have already walked the road where you are trying to go? I do too.

The road to success has many beautiful stops. Just don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the trip.

QUESTION: How do you plan to make sure you are enjoying the journey on the way to meeting your goals for this year?


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