Why Programs Won’t Fix Your School

As we head into summer, state test scores are beginning to be released. This is the time when school leaders and staff begin to celebrate their victories and stress over their shortcomings. It seems timely to remind everyone of a very dangerous trap. Success doesn’t come in the form of a program, it comes through great staff.

Attribution to 'StockMonkeys.com'

Attribution to ‘StockMonkeys.com’

Programs come and go. They ebb and flow with the ed-world’s most popular strategies. Programs that are considered “best practice” in one part of the country are already old news in other parts.

The answer to improving your school is found in your staff. Their personalities will either invite or reject cooperation, creativity, risk-taking, and growth. Whatever the strategy, the staff are the ones who will be either implementing it or rebelling against it.

Consider changing the conversation in your school. Look at strengthening your team and let the programs flow from that. To work in any other way requires your horses to push the cart uphill. They may make some progress, but will eventually wear themselves out. Put the team first. Invest in them financially, emotionally, and academically. Even though it may take time to get things right, improvement will occur quickly afterwards and hang around to stay.

Question: Where are your staff’s greatest weaknesses and how do you think it should best be addressed? Leave a comment below and let’s begin the conversation.

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