When Life’s Rhythm Begins To Change

From the fun days of childhood, to the stressful times of the teen years. From the shallow relationships of the dating years, to the intimate but simple moments of the married life. Life is always changing, but so often we forget to change with it.

To dress and behave in the winter as though it were spring would seem odd to most. Yet many of us go about our daily routines as we always have, as though our season of life has never changed.


During the early days of my marriage with Marilyn, it was easy for me to spend longer hours working. 15 hour days, four to five days a week was typical.

Four children later, and what once was a simple “chore” of taking care of the kids has now turned into an “all hands on deck” operation.

Laundry, dishes, meal planning, and grocery shopping are each tasks that have become their own projects. Systems are now in place for each one (no kidding).

Seriously, our washer and dryer get about as much rest as Marilyn and I do!

I realized the other day that during this extremely busy season of our life, things are changing again.

Our kids are becoming more and more mature. They’re slowly figuring out the world we live in. They are forming some of their own opinions, with or without my help.

It may be time for me to change up my routines to take advantage of this precious time.

Billy Graham, world-famous evangelist has this to say about the rhythm of life:


“We also look back over our failures, mistakes, and missed opportunities, and vow that we will make better use of our time during the coming year.”

“We should take time to be pleasant, to smile, to extend the small courtesies we often omit – to show love to our family.”

“Psychiatrists tell us that most people are starved for love. Take time for the goodbye kiss; we shall go to work with a sweeter spirit. Let us take time to get acquainted with our families.”

We are not machines. We are not robots. The secret of a happy home is that members of the family learn to give and receive love. Let us take time to express our love in a thousand ways.”

As I write this article, school is beginning and the summer is ending. My routines are about to drastically change.

I’m utilizing the early morning hours to take care of myself, so I can better take care of my family, and serve the staff, students, and families at school.

4:30am comes early, but I’m getting up so I can have a few quiet moments to reflect, get ready, and plan before my day takes off.

The point is, our seasons in life change and often times the signs are subtle.

Be wise and discerning enough to adjust when life does. If you do, you’ll get to experience it on a level you’ve only dreamed of.

QUESTION: What are the signs you see that says “Life’s rhythm is about to change? How are you making adjustments?

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