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Every male spends his life searching for the answer to a same question…Do I have what it takes? Whether it’s making the team, getting that job, or raising his own kids, the fear is all the same. How you answer this question for him will determine how strong and confident he becomes. So how can you teach your own sons to be the strong confident types? I’ve got the answer, just keep reading.

via Amanda Tipton @ Flickr Creative Commons

via Amanda Tipton @ Flickr Creative Commons


Adolescence used to describe a time period from about 12 to 17 when boys were allowed a little leadway in poor decision making. Now, this period has been extended into the 20s, for some even the 30s, and several have no end in sight! A whopping 85% of college seniors plan to move back home with their parents after graduation according to a poll by Twentysomething Inc., a marketing and research firm based in Philadelphia.

We have an entire generation of 20-somethings who are sleeping in mom and dad’s basement with Star Wars sheets. They don’t have a real job because it stresses them out. They have no plans other than to play video games, eat their parents’ food, and watch things online that will satisfy their unhealthy fantasies.

The Answer To Raising Responsible Men

Boys will be boys until someone teaches them to be more. Left to himself, a boy will automatically veer into sin and folly. He doesn’t just become irrelevant, he becomes dangerous. For his own sake and for the sake of those around him, he needs to be TRAINED to be a man.

The greatest gift you can give your son is responsibility. Guys are like old trucks…they drive straighter with a load. If he doesn’t know how to do something, show him. If you need a creative solution to a problem, let him have some authority to make a decision and then live with the consequences of that decision.

The greatest gift you can give your son is responsibility.

Since I was 12, I have had a part-time job. I remember washing cars at a dealership, mowing yards, painting fences, feeding livestock, putting up hay, and helping fix things around the house. My dad never gave me the option to help or to work. It was the expectation. If I slacked off, he disciplined me.

But it was this work ethic that allowed me to graduate college debt free with two bachelors degrees. It was this work ethic that helped me become one of the youngest school administrators in our part of the state. It was this work ethic that gives my wife peace, knowing that I will always figure out a way to provide for the family.

I use the same lessons that I’ve learned over the years to instill a work ethic in my three sons. I’ll continue to train them to be responsible for themselves and for those around them. That’s what real men do. But they won’t know that unless I teach it to them. Your sons won’t know what being a man is like unless you train them each and every day.

QUESTION: What kind of questions do you have about raising boys? Are you facing any significant challenges in getting them to be responsible, hard working men?

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