What Kept Me From My Best Year Ever

The self-inflicted wound of fear

Last year was supposed to be the year that I pulled the trigger on some new initiatives. It was supposed to be the year that I finally quit talking and started doing. In some respects, I didn’t do so badly. But I didn’t go nearly as far as I wanted.

The problem is, I can’t blame anyone except myself. Here’s what I mean…

via JD Hancock @ Flickr Creative Commons

via JD Hancock @ Flickr Creative Commons

I once read a phrase from the Bible that said something to the effect of this:

A man who picks up a sword should never boast as though he were a man who had already endured battle. (paraphrasing)

Let that soak in for just a moment.

I used to be a pretty decent basketball player. I even made the team at a small NCAA Division 2 school (notice I didn’t say “played” at said school) 🙂 But in high school, I was a good player on a poor team.

I remember getting ready for the beginning of the season. We all bought our new Chuck Taylor shoes, dressed up in our fresh-from-the-box practice uniforms, and strutted onto the court like we were big-time pros.

It was easy for guys to get fired up at the beginning of the season. But gradually, as practices became tougher, it became very evident as to which guys were players and which guys were posers.

You see, everyone of us hit a wall with our abilities at some point. Some chose to press through the messy middle while others gave up. They figuratively grabbed their ball and went home. They were full of excuses, not realizing that their own mindset was the only thing keeping them from achieving greatness.

This is what hit me part way through this past year. I started looking for excuses not to finish the things I had purposed in my heart to do. When you start looking for reasons, you’ll find plenty:

  • I don’t feel like doing anything extra now. I’m exhausted;
  • I can’t create a lucrative side business. I’m either too young or inexperienced;
  • I don’t have enough time; etc.

That’s when I finally realized that fear had crept in and stolen my will power. The most dangerous part of fear is that it often disguises itself as logic. It really did seem that I was void of energy, experience, and time. But was that really the truth?

I’ve decided for this year to battle these limiting beliefs with a more liberating truth:

  • I have all of the energy I need to thrive in life;
  • I have more experience than most. The world needs to hear what I’ve learned;
  • I have the same number of hours in a day as any other human who has been successful; etc

Maybe this past year wasn’t what you really expected it to be. Perhaps you fell short of some major goals of your own and now find yourself shaking your head in disbelief.

If that’s the case, consider confronting the fear that has quietly crept in and prepare a game plan for when it shows up this year. If you guard your heart and mind, this year might be your best year ever.

QUESTION: What limiting beliefs sidetracked you from reaching your goals in the past year?


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