The Vital Reason Your Kids Need to Hear Your Story

A roof over their head. Food on the table. A full slate of activities, teams, and clubs. You may think you’ve given everything you can to your child, but you may be leaving out one crucial part, and it’s not more time.
via « м Ħ ж » @ Flickr Creative Commons

via « м Ħ ж » @ Flickr Creative Commons

There is still something more they crave…Something that if they don’t have, will make it even more difficult for them to figure out their place in this world. That one thing they need from you, is to hear YOUR story.
“Dad, tell me about the time…” This is a common phrase you’ll hear from my kids on any given day. Usually it comes at the most disruptive moments possible. There have been many times that I’ve blown them off, but it’s only here lately that I’ve realized how important it is for them.
One day they wanted to know how mommy and I had met.
“Where was your first date?”
“How did you ask mom to marry you?”
“Tell me about your wedding.”
I finally realized one day that they weren’t just asking to hear about my story because I was so darn interesting. The glimmer in their eyes and the smile on their face made me realize that they were imagining their own future through my story.
“Dad, what did you want to be when you were little?”
They’re surprised to hear that I wanted to be a veterinarian until one summer when I was working on a dairy farm. It was the hottest day of the year and a cow was having issues delivering her calf.
“So, dad, why didn’t you end up becoming a veterinarian?”
When I saw that farmer put on a glove up to his shoulder, I got nervous. When I saw him raise up the cow’s tail and shove his hand in to grab the calf, I turned pale. But when I saw everything that came out, I was done!
Your children are looking for a foundation on which to begin building their lives.
Your story is the foothold they need in order to propel themselves forward in life.
When you share the gift of your story with your children, you could potentially save them years of trial and error, unnecessary gambles, and wondering where their story began.
Some things your kids may be wondering…
  • Who were their grandparents? What were they like?
  • What kind of chores did you have when you were younger?
  • What did you love most about your spouse?
  • What have been your most deeply rooted core values throughout life?
  • What goals do you still have for yourself?
  • How did you feel the day your son or daughter was born?
These are all just a few things that your children would love to hear.
Your story will be the pad upon which your children will launch their own lives into this world. Do them a favor and share the details with them. You’ll see them light up as they begin connecting the dots in their own mind.
QUESTION: What questions do you think your children would love to know about you and your story?

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