Ten Ways To Lower Stress Now

Stress can be a snowball if not dealt with. It leads to apathy and fear which will cause you to fall further behind. You need a go-to method for pushing back. Here are ten ways to lower your stress RIGHT NOW.

via Papaveri @ Flickr Creative Commons

via Papaveri @ Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Practice a daily quiet time with meditation, Bible reading, and prayer. Before the day even begins, I listen to some nature sounds, read and meditate on some scripture, and have an honest discussion with God.
  2. Exercise. Let’s be real. Most people, including me, don’t really enjoy exercising itself. It’s the feeling of HAVING EXERCISED that makes the difference. Scientifically, it’s proven to lower stress.
  3. Eat at least one meal a day with friends or family. You can honestly disappoint the world, but a few moments with a buddy or a spouse and kids who adore you can make all the difference. It really puts things in perspective.
  4. Drink some coffee slowly. The smell; the flavor; It makes everything seem right again. My whole body and mind becomes relaxed. If you’re not into coffee (which I totally don’t understand), try something like hot tea.
  5. Watch the sun rise and set. I’ve always thought of the sky as a canvas that God the Creator lets us enjoy each and every day. It’s a gift and can always make you feel that things will somehow work out.
  6. Stare at the stars. Nothing can make your problems seem as small as gazing out into the universe. Don’t you remember doing this when you were younger?
  7. Read a book just for fun. As leaders, we often try to read to help us improve personally and professionally. Try reading something just for fun. Study a new hobby. Read something totally pointless. Subscribe to a hunting magazine.
  8. Drive about 10mph slower than you normally do. This may sound silly, but I learned that the slower I drive, the more sights I take it. I can breathe a little deeper. I’m not in a hurry. Life moves at a slower pace when you do.
  9. Turn off all the noise (tv, radio, phone, etc). Don’t be afraid of silence. That’s when your greatest thoughts become clear.
  10. Write a list of all you’re thankful for. Nothing can be more relaxing than counting your blessings.

QUESTION: What would you add to the list? What relaxes you the most?

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