A Single Act of Kindness That Changes The World

A single act can be the difference between a great day and a bad one. For a single person, it can be the final straw or the glimmer of hope needed to press on. You can change someone’s world and here’s how…

via Martin Talbot @ Flickr Creative Commons

via Martin Talbot @ Flickr Creative Commons

I’m surrounded by generosity all of the time. Examples have been given through my mom and dad, my wife’s mom, dad, and step-dad, my siblings and their spouses. They’ve been tremendous blessings to me and my family. Even though they were doing acts of kindness TOWARDS me, I now realize that it wasn’t BECAUSE of me.

I’ve seen them go above and beyond for people I didn’t even feel deserved that level of kindness. They’ve blessed and showed respect towards people who took advantage of them and people who cussed at them. That’s when I figured out why they did all of this.

Be kind, for everyone is meet is fighting a hard battle.  –Plato

We show kindness to others, especially the undeserved, because of Christ’s example. In spite of ourselves, he wanted a relationship. Regardless of our action, he’ll not love us any less or more today than he did yesterday.

It’s really helped to shape my leadership and how I treat the people I encounter every day. Regardless of whether you lead an organization, a team, or your own household, being kind requires that you look outside of yourself and beyond a person’s worthiness. It requires that you see life through the other person’s eyes and choose to encourage them.

It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. It just takes a moment of your time.

1.  Be observant. The ones who need blessed the most may not be the most apparent. Every person you encounter is fighting a battle and some are larger than others.

2. Be thoughtful. Some blessings may cost you a little money, but often the best don’t cost a thing. Giving from an abundant mentality is what matters. You may not have much in the eyes of some, but when you feel blessed beyond that which you deserve or have more than you need to survive, you have the right tools to change someone’s world for the day.

3. Be grateful. You’ll never feel better than when you’ve been an encouragement to someone else. Be thankful that you got to play the hand of God in that person’s life on that day. He’ll use you if you’re willing.

My dad has done something for a while now that’s inspired me. He tries to find a way to bless someone each day. It really does change the way I go through my day and it’s something you might consider. Give it a try and see how it totally gives you a different perspective on life!

Question: What have you done or will you do this week to show a single act of kindness that will change someone’s world? Feel free to share in the comments section so we can give ideas to the other readers.


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