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Welcome to The Practical Principal Podcast with Chris Stevens!

For two years, I’ve had this dream of beginning a podcast, but not just ANY podcast…one that really makes a difference.

I struggled with how to narrow down my focus for the show. I kicked around

  • parenting
  • education
  • life balance
  • online business for educators

In the end, I realized that the real question isn’t “What will I talk about?”, but rather “Who will I talk to?”.

The answer? People like me.

People who want to raise responsible, successful, and loving children….

People who want to learn the best tips, tricks, and strategies to become the best person they can be….

People who want to balance the passion they have for their work with the love they have for their friends and family…

People who want to make just a few extra bucks on the side, so they can continue to do the work they love.

THIS is why I created “The Practical Principal” Podcast…For people like you and I.

Practical Principal with Chris Stevens is a weekly podcast dedicated to successfully doing life well. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to better lead yourself, your family, and your school.

You can listen to Practical Principal in iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. You can also check in right here and get the latest episode streamed from my website!


Episodes are scheduled to be released on Wednesday of each week. Feel free to listen right now!

004 – How To Hire The Right Person Every Time

003 – Leading While Under Pressure

002 – Ten Top Tips for First Year Teachers

001 – 5 Ways To Create More Margin In Your Life 


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