How To Save Up To Ten Hours This Week

With one little strategy, you can save up to ten hours this week. Sounds too good to be true, right? I’ve noticed a huge difference in my work week since I started implementing a simple strategy a couple of years ago.

via Dafne Cholet @ Flickr Creative Commons

via Dafne Cholet @ Flickr Creative Commons

In short, batching has been life-changing for me. Here are just a few benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I get to spend more time with the people I care most about
  • My mind doesn’t stress at night because I didn’t get to everything today
  • I get more work done in less time

A simple definition of batching is performing like tasks together.

Here are some examples of what this looks like:

  1. I schedule most of my meetings on a single day when possible.
  2. I work on finances in a single setting. This includes balancing the checkbook, paying bills, updating investment portfolios, etc.
  3. I create a week’s worth of blog posts in a single setting and edit them in another setting.
  4. When I do laundry, I wash, dry, and put aways during the same time slot. Can you imagine that? Laundry that doesn’t just pile up in the living room? 🙂
  5. I use daily themes to get things done. (i.e. Title I budgeting and evidence collection today, state testing the next day, curriculum the day after that, staff evaluations the day after that, etc.)

Here’s why this works: Multitasking is a myth. The Harvard Business Review says that it takes you 25% longer to complete a task once your attention is pulled to do something else.

The New York Times reported that it takes about 25 minutes for the brain to return fully to the original task once you get interrupted. If you’re an entrepreneur, business executive, or a parent, you realize how discouraging that statement is.

So let’s assume I’m wrong. What if instead of ten hours, you only were able to save 5? It still sounds worth a try to me.

QUESTION: What things could you batch together? Have you done this in any other area of your life where you’ve seen success?

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