Every Seat Has A Story

If these bleachers could tell about all they’ve seen throughout the years, I’m sure you and I could be entertained for hours.

Every ball game and last-second shot. Every student who quickly “helped” their friend with their homework before school. Every lunch that was shared with a group of friends.

You see, seats represent people. They are all unique because they bring their own experiences, their own beliefs, and also their own perspective.

People are often viewed as “inconveniences” when they interrupt all of the important work we do from day to day.

Think about the last time someone poked their head in your office and asked “You got just a minute?”. How many times have you wanted to just be honest, but slapped on a smile and invited them in anyways?

If we were even more honest, these people who are “inconveniencing” us are at both work and home.

They sit in our bleachers, in our classroom desks, in our office chairs, and even around our dining room table.

But what if instead of viewing these people as inconveniences, you took a moment to be thankful that they thought enough of you to give you permission to lead them?

No, they won’t all be easy. Yes, some of them will require lots of work. Each person in each seat is unique in his/her own right.

They have their own story, and it’s one you have to get to know before you can truly understand their perspective.

Your position gives you the right to speak. But it’s your ability to understand their perspective gives you the right to be heard.

You see, your students, your employees, your own children have granted you permission to speak into their lives. Don’t ever take that for granted, and don’t ever feel like you’re not in a position to make a real difference.

Take time to learn the story of the person across from you, and you’ll be a leader who deeply impacts those you oversee.


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