Don’t Get Caught Trying To Predict

The road to success isn’t normally a straight line. Often, it’s full of peaks that you can’t see over and valleys that you can’t see across.

via TourismPEI @ Flickr Creative Commons

via TourismPEI @ Flickr Creative Commons

Leaders spend far too much time trying to predict what will happen next. As a result, their ability to make decisions diminish and they encounter paralysis through analysis.

Years ago I served as an assistant pastor under my dad. He’s given me some of my earliest and best insights into leadership.

We once disagreed on a direction for one of the ministries in the church. (We’re both slightly opinionated) 🙂

I remember going back and forth for a while. I was convinced that we shouldn’t do anything until we were both clear on the next move.

He had a completely different conclusion. His philosophy was that we had to do something, even if it was the wrong thing.

It completely floored me. He said, “Son, you can only steer a car when it’s in motion.” (He also sells cars on the side, so this totally resonated with me.

There is a God, and we aren’t him. Those of us who are successful have usually gotten as many predictions right as we have wrong.

Too many of us are frozen with fear trying to ensure that we are making the right decision when there is no guarantee.

We often use the guise of “needing more information” when we’re actually too scared to move forward.

The Bible says that God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. It occurred to me that a lamp doesn’t reveal the entire path from start to finish, but only where our next step should be.

It’s time to get real. Where are you postponing a decision in your own life?

Are you waiting to make a long overdue decision in your personal development?

What’s the next best decision for your family?

What needs to be done at work that will start moving the ball down the court?

You can’t steer yourself, your family, or your company without taking the next step. Your next decision isn’t which way to turn. It’s whether or not to begin moving.

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