7 Signs Of True Success

We all dream of being successful one day. Success is tough to define because no matter how much we accomplish, we continually raise the bar with each step forward. To keep yourself grounded, you have to consider what success is and isn’t.

via meridican @ Flickr Creative Commons

via meridican @ Flickr Creative Commons

Based upon those I admire and my own reflections of who I want to be, I think this is how I would define true success:

True success…

  • is a pattern achievement, not a one-hit-wonder.
  • is financial independence, not riches.
  • is being surrounded by people who genuinely care for you, not popularity.
  • is being able to rest soundly at night, not stress.
  • is winning the battle within before I ever win it without.
  • is fostering growth in a cause greater than myself.
  • inspires others to reach their own potential, not mimic mine.

If you had to compare your life to these seven principles, how would you fare? For me, it tends to fluctuate a bit, but I feel they are all worthy things to aspire to.

QUESTION: Would you add anything to this list? Which of these appeals to you the most?

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