5 Reasons You Should Take Your Daughter on Daddy Dates

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No one can melt a strong man’s heart faster than his own daughter. Trust me, I know from experience. As a dad, you know that you love her more than the world. The real question is how can you make sure she knows that and carries that throughout the rest of her life. The strategy I’m using is something that has come to be known in my house as “Daddy Dates”. Keep reading to find out why you should try this too…

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Daughter On Daddy Dates

1. Your daughter learns what real love is from you. She starts piecing this puzzle together at a young age, so don’t waste time. She will look to you to see if love is selfish or selfless.

Do you spend time with her because you want to or because you have to? She can tell the difference. Make sure she knows she’s a priority in your life, or one day someone else will fill that roll for her.

2. Your daughter learns how men should treat women from you. How do you speak about your wife? Your daughter picks up on every positive or negative comment. She notices if dad treats mom like a queen or the butt of a joke.

The way you treat your wife will be the norm for your daughter. Would you want her to marry a man that treats her the same way you do your wife?

3. Your daughter will only truly listen to those who make her feel like a priority. As she gets older and starts becoming a teen, you will want to have a solid relationship already in place. Once life starts to get confusing, she’ll need to know that she can depend on you. The only way that can be done is if you’ve put in the work early.

If your daughter has never felt that you’ve made her a priority, she’ll look for attention through other males who will. And trust me, there are plenty of prospects, but most aren’t very good ones.

4. Your daughter needs to be taught to guard her own heart. Your daughter’s heart is a treasure that shouldn’t be easily given away. She naturally wants to be loved and to give her love away. Only a strong, and respected man in her life will be able to teach her the difference between a good man and a player. Be that man for her.

Teach her at an early age that you will be the one to help guard the gate to her heart and she will trust you when the time comes to begin filtering the boys.

5. Your daughter needs your reassurance. Life is never certain to go as planned. She will need your reassurance in her own abilities, her choices, and that you’ll always be there.

The way she understands this best is when she’s seen you be there for her time and time again. A strong daddy-daughter relationship takes time and lots of effort.

Raising a daughter may very well be the hardest thing I ever do. Not because she’s difficult, but because one day I may have to lay her hand into the hand of another man and trust that he will love her and take care of her the way I will. Right now, I’m not looking forward to it.

But one thing I am looking forward to is taking her out to fancy dinners, eating ice cream together at a park, cuddling with her on the couch, and tucking her in each night.

This season won’t last forever, so I intend to make the most of it while it’s here. How about you?

QUESTION: What do you plan to do next with your daughter? For some ideas on how you can better show her how you feel, check out my FREE checklist on Ten Ways To Love Your Daughter.

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