006 – It’s Time To Tweak Your Evening Routine

It’s no secret that the most productive people in leadership today tend to be morning people. But how do you become a morning person if it doesn’t come naturally? In today’s episode, I’ll share with you my best tips for improving your odds to be a morning person, and it all begins by focusing on the night before. Be sure to check it out!

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Chalene Johnson’s Podcast – “The Chalene Show” discusses Fitness and Life Coaching with Chalene Johnson.

iPhone Bedtime App – Native to any iOS device

Todoist – Keeping life in order shouldn’t be this hard. Todoist helps you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you can stress less and achieve more.

Planner Pad – They gurantee that you will add an extra hour to your day with their sleek time management tool for those of us who still like a little analog in our life.

Michael Hyatt’s Evening Routine – Seriously everything this guy writes is magical. I highly recommend you follow him!

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